The Essence of Hinoki Collections


tePluste_blog_essence Hinoki body wash

All of our products were created with natural ingredients and a healthy lifestyle in mind. Using pure unblended Hinoki essential oil, Body products are uplifting to any home or skincare routine. All of the products from this collection by Te Plus Te have few enough ingredients that you can count them on your fingers. Hinoki also works wonders when it joins forces with Goat’s Milk or Himalayan pink salts for example in products like the Hinoki Goat’s Milk Cleansing Bar or the Himalayan Bath Soak.  Some of the products are even enriched with the skin-healing Aloe plant like the organic body wash, hand wash, and body mist. Our soap, body wash, and body mist, essentially anything that will touch the skin, are all paraben, SLS, and petroleum free. 

One of the best parts about these natural products is that anything that we deem safe to put on the skin is pH balanced. Why does pH for the skin matter? Skin’s natural pH is usually around 5-6 but water and all kinds of different products can make the skin more acidic or alkaline. If skin pH if too high or low, the skin’s protective barrier becomes weaker and the skin can become inflamed and more susceptible to damage and bacteria. No worries about this with these organic and plant based products! We hope you enjoy a new fresh feeling from the Hinoki collections made only with love and natural goodies.


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