About Hinoki

The Hinoki (Japanese cypress) aroma collection captures the essence of Japanese nature. Exploring the basic scent of Japanese culture will uncover new sources of inspiration. Experience a feeling of restoration and sense of tranquility. Valued for its fragrance, beauty, and therapeutic properties, the Japanese hinoki has been used in the construction of temples, shrines, and baths in Japan for centuries.

      • Hinoki has a warm woody aroma with a clean soft citrus note 
      • It is more elegant and has a softer note than the common cedar
      • Highly regarded for its spiritual qualities
      • Resistant to moisture, rot, and insects with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties
      • Relieves tension and stress, has a decongestant effect, soothes and heals bites, cuts, stings, scrapes, and burns
      • High in “Phytoncide” organic compound, is known to healthy and healing properties

       The wood is so structurally stable that structures that are built with it can last up to 1000 years. It is also a practical material that can be used for many different every day purposes.

      Native to central Japan, Hinoki is a slow-growing tree which grows 35m tall
      with a trunk up to 1m in diameter.

      The Hinoki trunk has red bark. No wonder the name  “Hinoki” comes from the japanese “Hi-no-ki”. “ Hi” signifying fire and “ki” meaning tree makes “Fire tree”!

       Examples of Hinoki use;

      World Heritage, Ho-ryu-ji temple in Nara, 1,400 years old

      The daily bath is highly valued as a time of purification and relaxation.


      Sushi rice mixing bowl, Sake cup, Cutting board



      Table Tennis Paddles!

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