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We offer a collection of original products that encourage people to reconnect with nature.



The Hinoki Collection and Hinoki Noir are a natural body and skin care lines that are centered around the single note of the Hinoki tree. Products are to be simple and effective formulas that are also gentle to the skin and environment.

We only use genuine Hinoki Essential Oils, no other fragrances are used for our Hinoki products.

All Te Plus Te products are hand-crafted in small batches.



Eiko Miyazaki is the founder of Te Plus Te. After many years of working in the textiles industry and sculpting clay, her passion of inspiring creativity, harmony, and simplicity continues through Te Plus Te. Her aesthetic and style are a result of her upbringing in Japan, combined with many years of living in America. She hopes that you enjoy exploring the principal scent of Japanese culture and discover new sources of inspiration through it.