Soaking It In


Many have been acquainted with the benefits of eating fermented foods full of helpful enzymes for our guts and overall health. From apple cider vinegar to kimchi and kombucha, we can’t get enough!

But what about soaking in them? Te Plus Te founder took a trip to Japan this summer (have you checked out the new photos on insta?) and was able to experience a fermented enzyme bath in the historic city of Kyoto. These baths can be found in many different parts of Japan but this particular one was made from a concoction of Hinoki saw dust and chips, rice bran, and some different herbal plants.

It is advised to stay in the hot bath (about 140 F, feels like 104F) for about fifteen minutes. Why sit in a tub of hot enzymes you might ask? Fermented baths are said to improve circulation, clean the skin, help with muscle pains, and even activate organs to increase metabolism!

For the purposes of te Plus Te it made a whole lot of sense to be able to explore other uses of Hinoki for health benefits. Like these baths, new ideas are always brewing!

Te Plus Te

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