Let’s talk about routines. 
We all have different types of daily rituals that bring a sense of organization and order to our lives, whether it’s extremely structured and regular, or loose and unspoken. Whether it’s just brushing your teeth in the morning and evening or perhaps your daily commute or workout, routines have a way of keeping us on track and productive. 
What if you took moments in the every day routine, and transformed them into quiet times or creative times? What if our daily chores could become our daily highlights? Scheduling quality time, creative time, silly time, quiet time, etc. into a daily or weekly routine can make a huge difference in how we feel and the way we approach daily tasks. The research is out there for sure about how instilling structure in children (and in the long run, in adults) is one way of giving meaning and ownership to activities ultimately leading to more a fulfilling life. For example, perhaps every morning your first stop is the bathroom. A great scent filling up the room (may I suggest a quick spritz of Hinoki room spray?) , billowing out of your morning shower steam (perhaps a pump of Hinoki Body Wash), could just be the best way to step out on the right foot. :) 
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