Recycling Matters

The beliefs driving any product should ideally shine through all aspects of the product as well as its creation. Of course all Te Plus Te products are made with organic goodness, sustainably harvested Hinoki wood or essential oils, as well as the opportunity for a creative lifestyle. What you're also getting with any purchase, is some sort of boxing or bagging or something of that sort. While packaging can be an afterthought for consumers and creators, a lot of people are becoming more and more conscious about where that packaging comes from and what can and cannot be done with it after it’s opened. The good news for Te Plus Te us loyals is that the PET bottles that we lovingly send your way are recyclable and free of BPA. The shipping boxes and materials are carefully tended to and reused as much as possible. As long as the packaging still looks clean and new, we like to repurpose these materials and send them to new homes. All of these aspects minimize waste, cost (for us and for you!), and the impact on our precious environment!

What do your recyclables become?

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