Porcelain, Oneness with nature



If you're following, you’ve heard a thing or two about Hinoki wood, about our Hinoki collection, and about our new HandMake collection. But how might these same concepts materialize, the calmness and oneness with nature, if they were functional artistic pieces to enhance a space in a visual way as opposed to a sensory way? This is where Porcelain Maru #24 comes in. Te Plus Te artist Eda hand-pinches porcelain and creates organic soft warm white pieces that blend beautifully with natural elements. When weeds or plants that are not always considered worthy of a vase, perhaps the lone last flower from a bouquet or weeds found on a morning walk, are placed inside of this pieces, they become special, worth taking the time to enjoy and appreciate. These forgotten morsels of the environment, enhance the porcelain pieces and vice versa. This small piece helps us discover something missing, find new beauty in things that once seemed lost.



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