October is upon us and the weather has at last begun to give us chilly fall vibes after the slightly extended summer we enjoyed in September. Autumn is representative of change, of crunching our way towards refreshed outlooks, and added layers. Perhaps the feeling of change comes less from growing up with a September-starting academic year, but actually is reflective of our natural environment. The biggest visual change we see in the environment? Leaf colors! But have you ever wondered what causes leaves to change from their different hues of green to bright shades of red, orange, and yellow?

In fact, these bright color pigments are present in leaves throughout the whole year but because of the longer sun exposure, leaves are abundant in chlorophyll in the spring and summer which makes them look green. As the days begin to get shorter and sun exposure lessens, the chlorophyll in leaves also decreases and the other pigments in leaves show through!

So while Autumn is often seen as a time when we wind down for the year, as always we are taking a note from nature. More specifically this time, we are inspired by the life cycle of a leaf to renew, cast off anything extraneous and let the brightness that was always there to begin with, show through.

To a transformative fall,

 Te Plus Te

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