Nature in the Summertime!

te plus te-blog nature in the summertime a girl walking in the forest

Over at Te Plus Te we have thoroughly been enjoying the start of summer and all it has to offer. Just being outside an enjoying the sun is such a treat after a long winter. In fact, now is the perfect time of year to get out and do some forest bathing or earthing! These two nature focused practices are popular for a reason. Both have been known to decrease stress hormones, improve sleep, and improve mood to name just a few benefits. Forest bathing basically involves simply being in a forest or in the most tree-dense area that you can access. Naturally, trees are so green at this time of year and are pushing out so much fresh and clean oxygen for us to enjoy! Earthing on the other hand is really just allowing your body and skin to come in contact with the earth. Walking barefoot in soil, grass, or sand is said to neutralize the damaging free radicals that we accumulate in our daily lives. These free radicals can lead to inflammation and disease in the long run. Aside from the scientific aspects of earthing and forest bathing, we do really simply feel better after any interaction with the peaceful side of nature. Try it out and let us know what your results are like! If you don’t have access to the woods at this time, you can always pick up any of our Hinoki products as the unblended Hinoki essential oil, made from Hinoki wood still contains Phytoncide, a naturally occurring compound that decreases stress hormone levels! 



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