Introducing: Hinoki Mini Set

te plus te Hinoki travel set no.1


Imagine you are in a musty hotel room or stuck on a long and stifling plane journey long away from your home base. It’s not too difficult to imagine really as unfortunately these are some of the realities, the less-glamorous aspects of travel. In these situations, a simple spritz or dollop of a grounded and invigorating scent can make all the difference. A whiff can freshen up the space, calm your mind, and transport you away from the most mysterious of plane smells.

 Our perfect solution? Hinoki Mini Set.

 All of your Hinoki essentials, Body Wash, Body Moisturizer and Atmosphere Mist, neatly packed in a natural cotton drawstring bag.

The mini set is a perfect travel solution at only 2 oz. per bottle (very TSA and carry-on friendly:)) Aside from the convenience for travel, the mini set is also the perfect gift with three essentials in one. With organic plant-based ingredients, beautifully designed packaging, all based around this very unique, historic, and treasured scent, look no further for your next special gift for your friend, family, co-worker, young, old, health-conscious or not, male, female, sensitive-skin or not, traveler, homebody, anybody!

Te Plus Te


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