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Ever heard of Chef  Enrique Olvera? He is  known as a creative  leader in and outside of  his field for having  pioneered the new  Mexican gastronomy movement with his first  restaurant, Pujol, in  Mexico City. Olvera  opened up his first  restaurant, COSME, a  take on traditional  Mexican cuisine made  with local ingredients  from the Hudson Valley  (home of Te Plus Te!), in New  York a few years ago.  Both of these first two  establishments (Pujol and  COSME) have been selected as two of the  world’s top 50 restaurants recently! For his next adventure, Olvera chose to create a more home-y spot, geared toward local and more casual dining in his home area of Nolita. Exciting new Olvera eatery ATLA opened on March 31st of this year at 372 Lafayette St and is hitting just the spot for the Nolita crowd.
Why do we mention Olvera’s inspiring creative pursuits?                                    
While you can of course  find bottles of te+te for purchase at small shops  from New York to California, you will also  be able to eat at the  newly opened ATLA and step into the restroom  for a pump of refreshing  Hinoki Organic Hand  Wash. We’re thrilled  about the new  restaurant, for ATLA  customers to encounter Hinoki, and for new  horizons for te+te.
Keep up with ATLA, Enrique, and Te Plus Te on instagram: @enriqueolveraf @atlanyc @tepluste
P.S. The food was absolutely springlike and fabulous as well as our Handwash! :)


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