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So you’re thinking about crafting your own HandMake Hinoki product or perhaps you’ve received your new HandMake product and are excited to get started. Now what?

While carving your own cutlery can sound intimidating, HandMake products make it easy with a product that has been cut out for you, simple directions, and with room for creativity. To get started, we’ve compiled some wood-carving tips!

First of all, there is no need to rush. Take your time and feel free to put your own creative spin on these common shapes. The process in itself should be a relaxing one. As you begin carving, you will expose the soothing aroma of Japanese cypress. You can even save your wood shavings in a cloth bag and stick it in a drawer for the fresh scent. Set yourself up with your favorite tunes and a snack for your carving pleasure!

On a more practical level, a good way to start is to make some pencil markings on your piece just to make sure you’ll be able to cut symmetrically or to plan for your vision. Now you’re ready to make your first cuts! We recommend the Mikisyo power grip U 6mm knife for easy crafting. It’s a U-shaped knife which works well for scooping out wood pieces particularly for the spoon and fork products. Make sure to always carve away from your body and hands for safety. Cutting along the grain of the wood will prevent ripping of the wood so take note of the feel of the wood as well as of the darker streaks that will naturally occur in each piece. Each HandMake product includes a piece of sand paper that will help you finish off your piece free of splinted wood!

Don’t forget to share your finished piece with us @tepluste on instagram. We can’t wait to see what you create!



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