Essential Harmony

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The Quest 

The quest light and velvet liquid gold that breathes calm and wonder into the everyday, is one that has been going for centuries. Bringing spots of calm light into our daily lives is a practice that ties us to customs and traditions of people both in our present day and into the far-reaching past. Hinoki Essential oil is part of that lineage in combining a few pure ingredients that evoke very calculated benefits, the aroma that can transport one to a lush forest with just one deep breath. 

Tsubaki Japanese Tradition

Tsubaki Oil or Camellia Japonica’s lasting utilization over centuries is a testament to its timeless efficacy. Tsubaki is native to East Asia and was first developed as a natural Japanese beauty product during the Edo Period (1600-1868). Not only was Tsubaki oil used as an effective emollient for cosmetic purposes, its stunning flower has been presented in traditional art and pattern design throughout Japanese history as a motif love and longing. 

The Essence

Tsubaki Oil refers to a specific type of Camelia (Camellia Japonica) plant that is specifically well suited for topical use due to its richness in emollient oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid). The combination of oleic and linoleic acids give Tsubaki oil a few major advantages in the realm of skin care. Omega-9 fatty acid locks in moisture and protects the skin from further drying. Omega-6 fatty acid helps repair the skin barrier and promotes skin elasticity. Tsubaki oil is also packed with vitamins A,D,C, and E which help protect the skin from environmental damage and oxidative stress. These characteristics also aid Tsubaki oil in softening rough skin, plumping out signs of aging, and repairing sun-damage. This ingredient can be a true hero of all oils in the desperate drier climates and seasons when adding, retaining, and protecting moisture can be such a battle against environmental elements. It also clarifies the skin without pores.


While the Hinoki Noir Red Essential Pure Oil highlights Tsubaki as the star ingredient, there are a few other standout oils that harmonize along with it. Sunflower is another natural oil that helps protect the skin against environmental damage and is gentle and safe for sensitive and mature skin. Sea Buckthorn is yet another antioxidant and vitamin rich oil that is wonderful for addressing fine lines and wrinkles. There is also the notoriously Vitamin E oilinal layer of moisture insurance. This formulation wouldn’t be complete without Hinoki Essential Oil. Hinoki Oil is the illustrious component that makes this oil blend so rich for both the body and the mind. The aroma will effortlessly takes you to the Japanese forest all while nourishing your body.


Products with Tsubaki Oil  

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