Earth Day

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Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd! Whether it be through packaging, product development, or the products themselves, we are always aware of our interconnectedness as just a small piece of this incredible Earth. Te Plus Te selects fully recyclable No.1 PET bottles, we use plant-based ingredients and HandMake Hinoki wood is sustainably sourced.

To celebrate this Earth Day, from the 17th to the 23rd of this month, we would like to extend our impact by donating $1 per te+te purchase to the Earth Day Network. All of Earth Day Network’s diverse campaigns are aimed at creating a more sustainable future. The campaign that we have chosen to support this year is called the Canopy Project which plants one tree per dollar donated in order to empower communities and protect the environment. On Earth Day, we are not only donating $1 per item but we are also providing all customers with 15% off code "EARTHDAY" on any product!

So, your discounted purchase of a Hinoki Body Mist for example, on Earth Day will result in one more tree being planted on this Earth! Please share with your friends.

Happy Earth Day!


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