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The mid-November chill puts us in the mood for steaming teas, toasty blankets, and hearty soups. A ritual that isn’t always associated with pumpkin and apple pie weather? Hot baths. And here’s why they should be. While the higher temperatures of hot baths are intuitively soothing for icicle fingers and toes, there are also a lot of health benefits to taking a nightly soak. Hot baths improve blood circulation, they can open up pores to leave our skin squeaky clean, improve sleep by jump-starting the temperature change that naturally occurs in our deepest states of sleep, they can reduce anxiety, alleviate headaches and more and more and more. Even the horizontal positioning that we usually assume when taking a bath has been shown to be a mood booster. This combination of horizontal laying, hot water, and maybe some other relaxing helpers like perhaps some Hinoki room spray, a candle, or some netflix seem like the perfect luxury. Want to up the health anti for your bathing luxury?

It was actually Hippocrates in 400 BC who first noted the healing powers of salt bathing when he saw them quelling infections and pain in injured fishermen. Having formed about 250 million years ago, Himalayan pink salt is said to be the purest and cleanest form of salt to sprinkle in the tub. This type of salt comes from crystalized sea beds once covered by lava deep within the Himalayas. This pink salt has come to be in the most pristine and protected of settings surrounded by snow and ice all year round. The pinkish hue indicates its rich and varied iron, mineral, and energy-rich makeup. Its magnesium rich content helps damaged muscles, connective tissue, and any kind of all around body soreness. When dissolved in water, Himalayan Pink salt becomes ionic and draws out toxins that we have collected from our skin and adipose tissues. Sound good to you? Us too, and we haven't even gotten started on all of the great things a soothing bath can do for our brains! Whether its forest bathing (see our last blog post for more!) or salt bathing, take a bath, you deserve it!

Check out our extra-fine, quick-dissolve, food-grade, certified organic Himalayan Pink Salt with Hinoki Japanese Essential Oils here to experience this perfect marriage and multiplied benefits of these two super ingredients. 


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