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Hinoki-HandMake Dessert Spoon

Hinoki-HandMake Dessert Spoon

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HandMake offers creative relaxation. 
Craft an artful piece of cutlery and relax as you experience the pleasure of working with Hinoki wood. Remove the cutlery shape from the frame and carve a unique, beautiful shape. Then, continue to enjoy the soothing aroma of Hinoki by collecting the shavings in a cloth bag to use in the bath or around the home.

YOU'LL NEED: Craft knife or utility knife, Carving knife (U gouge 6mm recommended), Cutting surface, Finishing oil (olive oil, beeswax, walnut oil), Cloth for applying oil.

* U shaped carving knife is available at craft supply stores and online.

* The illustrated instructions are enclosed in the package. 

  • Hinoki wood naturally exhibits resin residue and variance in color and texture 
  • Protect surfaces with a cutting mat or newspaper 
  • Avoid leaving cutlery in water for prolonged time
  • Do not place cutlery in dishwasher, microwave  
    or direct sunlight 
  • For use only as a craft project 
  • Children must have adult supervision when  
    crafting cutlery 
  • This is not a toy or intended for children under 12

*Please be careful when you handle knives and sharp edges. We will not be responsible for any injury or damage caused by this product.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Dessert spoon/Hinoki wood grown in Japan, Sandpaper( #150, #360), Illustrated instructions. 

PRODUCT SIZE: 6.5" x 3.125" x 0.625" 
Made in Japan. Packed in the USA.


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