Floral Design with Jan Gordon

Floral Design with Jan Gordon


Workshop - June 1. 2019  1:00 to 2:30pm                       Location:  te plus te   12A Marble Ave. Plesantville, NY 10570

The class will blend modern design trends with traditional Asian concepts. Participants will use chrysanthemums, roses, & other elegant blooms for an airy & personal creation. The handling & placement of the flowers invite meditative reflection & inner harmony. At the end, you will leave with a beautiful arrangement of your own vision and personal work of art.

Please bring your scissors.

About Jan Gordon - 

Jan L. Gordon, owner of East Meets West Flowers in Pleasantville, NY is on staff at the NY Botanical Garden in floral design and is a graduate of the New York Botanical Garden Floral Design Certificate program. She combines sleek contemporary design while incorporating traditional Japanese floral principals and concepts of inner harmony, inspired by her time living in Japan. In addition to commercial floral work, Jan gives demonstrations and lectures on floral design. Visit Jan's website at www.EastMeetsWestFlowers.com or Jan’s floral photos on YELP.

 **This photo is only a reference of Jan's work. Workshop will teach a different floral design. 

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