6.9.18 Accessory making with Genuine Akoya Pearls
6.9.18 Accessory making with Genuine Akoya Pearls
6.9.18 Accessory making with Genuine Akoya Pearls

6.9.18 Accessory making with Genuine Akoya Pearls


Produced by Japan's infamous Akoya oysters, Akoya pearls are the most classic and high standard Japanese pearl symbolizing elegance and beauty. Akoya Pearls are known for their perfectly round shape and undeniable luster. With a reputation for near perfect matching, you can seamlessly arrange them in any layout for a balanced piece of jewelry. 

That's where our workshop comes in! We have the special and rare opportunity to learn from pearl accessory designer Yoko Murai for the newest edition of our te+te workshop series where she will show us how to create timeless pieces with Akoya pearls. These pieces will have long life-spans and can be passed down through generations therefore making wonderful gifts for family members and perfect accessories for a prom, graduation, or any formal event. 

You can reserve your spot at the workshop here for $40 which will include materials as well as instruction from Yoko Murai. If you do choose a jewelry option with more pearls that is more expensive than Earring 1, you can pay the balance at the workshop. Please write in a note a checkout letting us know which jewelry option you would like to make (earring 1, earring 2, earring 3, necklace 1, necklace 2) and which color pearl you would like to use (blue grey or white), and we will make sure to have enough pearls for you to work with! 

Date: June 9th Sat. 2-4 pm

Location: 12A Marble Ave. Pleasantville, NY

RSVP: By June 8th / limited seats

Instructor: Yoko Murai / Yoko has been fascinated by Akoya pearls and has enjoyed sharing her passion with others for over 10 years at several venues.


    • Earring 1. $40 One Akoya Pearls dangling silver hook pierces 
    • Earring 2. $45 Tow Akoya Pearls dangling silver hook pierces
    • Earring 3. $55 Three Akoya Pearl Dangling silver hook pierces
    • Necklace 1. $85  Twelve blue Akoya pearls with stainless wire necklace
    • Necklace 2. $95 Twelve Akoya pearls with fresh water pearl necklace