Thank You!

Our final journal of the year wouldn't be complete without a very warm thank you for your support, encouragement, and for sticking with us this year!

te+te saw some significant steps forward this year with our rebranding, the introduction of the new HandMake collection, our debut at the NY Now Gift show, and through all of these adventures, becoming evermore connected and engaged with all of you!

We are definitely not finished caring about thoughtful design, connecting the dots between nature, creativity, and all of the small delights in our daily lives. 2016 was a wonderful springboard for the infinite imaginative possibilities for the year to come. In 2017, we are committing to supporting an NPO with ideals that align with ours. Heard of any great NPOs? We would be overjoyed to hear your suggestions, and always your comments and questions regarding all things te+te (

Our biggest hugs, deepest appreciation, and best wishes to you and your families for a 2017 full of new possibilities!


Special thanks to these stores that have carried te+te this year:

Artefact Home, Alcorn Hair, Bazar, Bespoke Post, Boston General Store, Canoe, Chaya, Cote a Coast, Fawn, Good Grey, Great Lakes HomeI Love NeighborKutto CurioMadison Modern MarketMint, Morihata InternationalOrling & Wu, SonomamaSpruce ApothecaryTake Heart, The Flat, The Gardener,  Wildflower organicsVitreum,



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