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te+te Rebranded, Vibrant as the Summer 2016

te + te is both excited and proud to announce our rebranded Hinoki product line.The design makeover that you’ll see reflected on our website and product packaging is a representation of our refreshed dedication not only of the numerous benefits of Hinoki for both body and mind, but also to the full-circle processing of our products from their origins, all the way into your homes and daily routines. This holistic co-existance with nature is a defining part of Japanese culture that te+te has always proudly embodied. We believe that the natural environment is an endless source of both wisdom and creativity and it is from this standpoint that we are looking to the future.

The Body & Home products continue to exert the original and foundational commitment to quality - in ingredients, packaging, and design. The rebranding of te+te also comes with the unveiling of a new and exciting collection called HandMake, which represents the future vision and direction of the company. These products are forward-thinking, with a consciousness of the full life and impact of a product. They aim to revitalize small villages in Japan while maintaining the sustainability of a healthy forest environment. Instead of a form of charity work,  these products express a broader concept about the role that a brand or company can play in rebuilding that which has been lost  and considering what it has the potential to become- not simply sustaining but also improving.

 We are of course extremely appreciative of those who have committed to making this rebranding possible, particularly our wildly talented graphic designer, Ryan Sievert and the incredible Rebecca Louie, without whom, this vision would not have been made possible.

Hinoki is all about a moment of peace, purification, and quiet relaxation that filters into the every day.  We hope that you love Hinoki products as much as we loved making them!

Happy Summer!


Written by Léa

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