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Handmade HandMake

So you’re thinking about crafting your own HandMake Hinoki product or perhaps you’ve received your new HandMake product and are excited to get started. Now what? While carving your own cutlery can sound intimidating, HandMake products make it easy with a product that has been cut out for you, simple directions, and with room for creativity. To get started, we’ve compiled some wood-carving tips! First of all, there is no need to rush. Take your time and feel free to put your own creative spin on these common shapes. The process in itself should be a relaxing one. As you begin carving, you will expose the soothing aroma of Japanese cypress. You can even save your wood shavings in a...

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Welcome, 2017!

Welcome, 2017! Whether you are ringing in the new year with lazy days cozying up at home or finding ways to stay active amid winter chills, we feel you.  In 2016, we were lucky enough to introduce a new collection, HandMake. We send you templates for Hinoki wooden kitchen utensils and you whittle them to your liking, leaving you with a creative experience as well as beautiful and personal utensil for every day use! This coming year, we would like to continue our focus on these special products. Not only does HandMake provide a creative experience that is hands-on, meditative, and comes with free Hinoki scent :), it is also a thoroughly thought out product with a holistic approach. The...

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Introducing HandMake

Hinoki’s newest collection, HandMake is all about carving time out for relaxation and creativity. We provide the simple outline for you to create unique Hinoki wood utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives; putting an individual and personal touch onto daily use items. Put on your favorite tunes and take a moment to allow the soothing Hinoki aroma fill up your workspace as you carve away! The pieces are all made from sustainably sourced Hinoki wood using Forest Stewardship Council approved methods. HandMake products foster healthy woodlands and the cultural and economic longevity of a particular small community in Okayama Japan. Our manufacturer, Nishi-awakura School of Forest, Inc. is committed to a Hundred Year Forest Plan. It takes about 50...

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