Introducing ARTEFACT Home Garden

A huge and warm thank you to all who came out to see us at NY NOW! In case you missed it, we had the most fabulous time chatting about the brand and sharing our vision with lots of new people. An influx of interest in te+te definitely has us buzzing with excitement and of course, has us busy at work. We absolutely couldn't wait to introduce a thoughtful home retail shop called ARTEFACT HomeIGarden. Simply put, ARTEFACT HomeIGarden curates beautiful things for the home and we are blushing at the fact that as of mid-September 2016 they will be carrying our very own te+te line. Check out their new blog post on yours truly here.  If you're ever in Belmont, MA, don't miss your chance to stop into this sweet spot to catch their flavor of inspiration, you won’t regret it!

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  • Kazuko

    First time I had a chance to read the blogs and website updates. Really ReFreshing! Impressive! Congratulations on such innovations and bringing back simplicity with creative peaceful spirits!

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