Ingredient Spotlight: Sunflower Seed Oil

te+te Sunflowers


As we leave the summer behind, a special spotlight is due for one of our sunniest ingredients. Organic Sunflower Seed Oil can be spotted in our Hinoki Moisturizer, a plant-based and lightweight formula that quenches dry and dehydrated skin. Similar to many of our other choice ingredients, its benefits and use aren’t recent news. In fact Sunflower Seed Oil is another ingredient with a lot of history as a treatment discovered and used by ancient peoples. 

Notably, Sunflowers were cultivated by Native American tribes and used to treat snakebites as well as to condition the skin and hair. Aside from its cultural and historical significance, Sunflower Seed Oil also has scientific properties that make it an effective emollient. Sunflower Seed oil is high in Vitamin E which helps to combat skincare issues like inflammation, redness, and irritation. It also helps skin retain moisture therefore keeping skin hydrated for a longer period of time. Vitamin E helps to create a barrier which can protect skin cells from harmful agents stemming from environmental exposure like UV rays.

Thanks to this protective function both against environmental factors as well as the protection that it provides for collagen and elastin, it is also often used as an anti-aging solution. Organic sunflower seed oil is one of the most hardworking ingredients for both summer and winter with both its protective and long-lasting hydrating properties making it the perfect member of the Hinoki Moisturizer ingredient club!


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