Hinoki Himalayan Bath Salt-Renewed!

te+te is happy to continue working towards the future, looking forward at all times!

We are proud to present a renewed Hinoki Himalayan Bath Salt, debuted at NY Now at the Javitz Center. A huge thank you to all that came and met with us at the show. It was a complete pleasure to see you and share our products and philosophy.

You may be familiar with our popular Hinoki Himalayan Bath Salts. These salts were and still are made from a blend of certified pure Himalayan salt and Hinoki essential oil without any artificial additives. We’ve renewed it not in terms of ingredients, but in terms of crystal size.  The new bath salt variety is a mix of three different sized crystals, (small, medium, and large) for the slow time release of scent. What we love most about the three different sized crystals is new waves of Hinoki aroma flow throughout your bath, bit by bit instead of all at once, as the small crystals dissolve quickly and the large ones take more time.

Don’t forget to dampen a washcloth with the Himalayan Bath Salt water and use that to cover your face to enhance the aroma and further enjoy your bathing experience!

To peaceful bathing,




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