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Introducing HandMake

Hinoki’s newest collection, HandMake is all about carving time out for relaxation and creativity. We provide the simple outline for you to create unique Hinoki wood utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives; putting an individual and personal touch onto daily use items. Put on your favorite tunes and take a moment to allow the soothing Hinoki aroma fill up your workspace as you carve away!

The pieces are all made from sustainably sourced Hinoki wood using Forest Stewardship Council approved methods. HandMake products foster healthy woodlands and the cultural and economic longevity of a particular small community in Okayama Japan. Our manufacturer, Nishi-awakura School of Forest, Inc. is committed to a Hundred Year Forest Plan. It takes about 50 years for a tree to grow into usable timber. This community ensures not only the protection of trees planted 50 years ago, but also works to leave behind a full and thriving forest 50 years into the future.  Protecting the forest directly increases business and attention for this small village with a small population of 1,500.

You can support the development of these small communities by crafting unique and original every day use pieces so that they can support the development of historical forests. Check out the dessert spoons for two, the server fork, butter knife, muddler spoons, and server spoon to start your own collection of hand made cutlery!

Check out  About HandMake for more photos. 

Written by Léa

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