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For the Fathers -

Buying a gift for the dads in our lives is always a tricky feat. They might seem to have everything they could want already or have tastes that are difficult to decipher. We took some time to dream up a few packages this month that are perfect for celebrating Father’s Day. 

The first package we’ve put together, Hinoki Box Set, includes an 8 oz Body Wash and an Atmosphere Mist encased in a gorgeous Hinoki Masu Box filled with fine Hinoki wood shavings. The Hinoki Body Wash and Atmosphere Mist are rich, subtle, and woody in fragrance, the perfect scent to elevate any daily routine! The Hinoki Masu box is gorgeously finished and can be reused as a special container for anything that you choose! Feel free to put the Hinoki wood shavings into a cloth bag and tuck them into a clothes drawer for their fresh scent as well as their anti fungal and antimicrobial properties! 

Our second package, The Muddler Set, includes our HandMake muddler and a carving set, essentially everything you need to easily carve your own utensil. The muddler comes as a cutout made from Hinoki wood and then you can use the carving tools and sandpaper that comes with to shape and design it to your liking. The finished muddler is perfect for making refreshing summer drinks! As you carve, the wood will emit that classic Hinoki scent and you can again bag these shavings and stick them in a clothes drawer to keep your clothing fresh.  

Our third and final package called “Uplift” includes one container of Meigetsu tea and one atmosphere Mist. The Meigetsu green tea is rich in antioxidants and a luxurious replacement for coffee for anyone who might be trying to pull back on the caffeine intake. It also a perfect introduction into the incredible world of Japanese green tea. We do not usually sell these premium organic teas online but have made an exception for this one special Father’s Day Package! 

These gift packages are available for purchase at our little shop at 12A Marble Ave in Pleasantville NY or for shipment through online order. Come in and check it out! Also, don’t forget to sign up online for our upcoming workshop on June 9th at our home shop in Pleasantville where we will be making Accessories from genuine Akoya Pearls with jewelry designer Yoko Murai! 


Happy Father’s Day and Happy June, 



te plus te uplift gift set hinoki mist and meigetsu tea


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