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April - Workshopping Into Spring

 A huge joyful shoutout to those who joined us at our first tea tasting event at our storefront in Pleasantville in March! We got the chance to sip on Waka ceremonial grade organic matcha prepared and demonstrated by Japanese tea master Kazuko Komatsu. We loved welcoming so many new and familiar faces into the shop to enjoy a peaceful moment sipping on delicious tea. If you couldn’t make it this time, not to worry! We do sell three grades of matcha at our little shop that you can try and experiment with at home. Matcha is wonderful for simple sipping but it can also be used in so many different recipes like the matcha pancakes that we enjoyed on Saturday. So have fun with it!

There is still even more to look forward to for April! We are hosting a HandMake workshop on April 21st from 2- 3:30 at our store in Pleasantville, New York (12A Marble Ave). We will be spending the afternoon hand carving our own cutlery from the soft and aromatic Hinoki wood. Take some time away from your busy daily hustle, from time locked into a screen, and use your hands to create a utensil that will spark joy every time you use it in your kitchen. As we carve, the wood will emit its signature soothing scent. You will end the workshop with your very own personally carved butter spreader that you can take home, feel proud of, and most importantly put to use! The demonstration and workshop are completely free of charge, you will only purchase the better spreader itself! We also ask that you bring your own carving knife. Any home utility knife will do. Click here to register for our workshop on our website.

Eager to continue creating new things with you,



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